At the last indoor meeting 24 members enjoyed a talk by Graham Levins of the Welsh Mines Preservation Trust. Graham commenced by taking us to a variety of mines around Mid and West Wales. With some super photos, we were shown around the mines, above ground, and then descended into the mines themselves. He talked about his and the group’s involvement with the preservation of mining history in Wales.

Graham then went on to describe the celebrations surrounding the 400th anniversary of Sir Hugh Myddelton’s new river in London. In September 1613, the self-taught civil engineer brought clean drinking water to London through a new river to the heart of the city. The group visited the mines Sir Hugh was associated with in Mid Wales. Part of this included holding a short service at the site of the derelict chapel that Sir Hugh built for his miners C.1620. This was done in memory of his work, and the miners that worked there almost four hundred years ago.

The club would also like to express their thanks to Graham for the collection of minerals he has kindly donated.

The next indoor meeting will be on Wednesday 16th September when Tony and Michele will hold an evening on rocks. This will include how a volcano erupts , fractional crystallisation, the development of normal and reverse grading, tubidity currents and more.