The annual members evening was held on 21st November and consisted of three short talks by members and an auction of donated items.

Geoff Steele gave an account of Mica, its' chemistry, structure, occurrence in the UK and uses. Michele Becker, talked about Shark dermal denticles, structure, function and how we, as humans, have copied their advantages for new technological innovations (biomimicry).

Peter McKenzie Dyer brought along two objects for identification: a badger skull from which the cause of death could be ascertained and a plate from the tooth of a mammoth.

A total of more than £100 was made on the auction.

The next meeting will be held on 16th January 2013. This will be the AGM after which Dr Sara Metcalfe will give a talk entitled "Fossils as Therapy".

We wish all the best to Tony Thorpe who is recovering after hip replacement surgery.