The last indoor meeting was a talk given by James Cresswell of “GeoWorld Travel”. This was a highly informative and enjoyable talk.

Greenland has some of the oldest rocks on earth which are found in the Isua Greenstone Belt and have been aged at between 3.7 - 3.8 GA. Greenland forms part of the North American Plate whilst Svalbard forms part of the European plate. It is this relative difference in their positions which have produced the differences that can be seen in their geology. With this in mind, commencing at 4.6 GA James worked chronologically through geological time discussing plate movements, glaciation and rises and fall in sea level, sedimentation and orogenesis, the results of which can be seen in their geology. This detailed explanation along with superb photographs of spectacular rock formations made for a very pleasurable talk.

The next indoor meeting will be held on Wednesday November 20th where Professor Bill Fitches will give a talk entitled: “Greenland’s Ancient Gneissic Rocks”