Evening field trip to Banc Dolhelfa landslide, near Llangurig

Wednesday 17 July 6.00 to 8.00pm

Leader: Colin Humphrey

Meet at 6.00 pm at the spacious roadside café car park, 3 miles south of the Llangurig roundabout on the A470 [SN 919 756] SY18 6RX. We will postpone the trip if the weather is unsafe, i.e. wet or very windy. If in doubt check on the day with Colin (01686 412397), Bill (413967) or Michele (411343).

Traditionally we do an evening field trip each year, this time to Banc Dolhelfa (small lay-by parking SN 922 748), a huge bedrock slide, one of the largest in Mid Wales, described in detail and interpreted for the first time last year. We will begin with a short drive to the opposite side of the river Wye to view and briefly discuss the whole site. Then we will drive back to a lay-by parking next to the slide and walk around it, a distance of 1 km, including a hill climb of 170 metres, to see the evidence close-up. Those who do not wish to climb to the top can easily pause and retrace their steps back to the road. The slide is fully explained, with photographs and diagrams, in Colin’s technical paper in OUGS Journal, vol 33 (2) 2012. A pre-publication version appears on our website and can be printed (6 pps). This can also be accessed directly by googling ‘banc dolhelfa’. Some copies from the journal will also be available on the evening. Following our work the site has been registered as a RIGS. Walking boots necessary; hard hat not needed; binoculars very useful.